Pronto Plates in the Classroom


I’ve been using Pronto Plates in my own work for the last few years.

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4 Responses to Pronto Plates in the Classroom

  1. Jenkins-Freels says:

    AWESOME !!!!!!!
    The best tutorial on pronto plates I have seen. Am excited to begin this process with my Art 1 high school students. I only have one press so the pasta press is affordable and something that the students will enjoy using in the process. Love your clean up….

  2. suzala says:

    AS a commercial and fine artist ( websites and watercolors), I loved this video. I work in a “sealed” studio and your approach to clean up, is just what I needed. ( no nasty chemicals and smells) I saw you had a large container of gum arabic. Do you make it from scratch? I have seen powder gum arabic, is there a brand you use and what is it’s ratio to water? Thanx in advance! sz

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