Stop Motion Thanksgiving Card

Made on an iPad with Stop Motion Studio Pro by CATEATER, LLC

This second grade class was the first to win my behavior challenge for this year.  When I asked what they wanted to do to celebrate, they asked if they could have a puppet show.  Having recently taken a stop motion workshop with Melissa Hayes at the MAEA Conference, I asked the class if they wanted to try stop motion with their puppets.  The above video is what we came up with.  Not bad for a first try!

Thanks to Melissa’s advice, we started by watching this video on lip-syncing by the Animation Chefs. At first I planned to “keep things simple” and have the students tell knock, knock jokes.  Luckily, I tried it at home first and realized there was nothing simple about lip-syncing a conversation.  Singing a song seemed like a much easier way to go.  The students came up with the Thanksgiving turkey idea.  I had never heard the song before, and now I can’t get it out of my head.  Sorry for sharing!

The classroom set up looked like this:

set 1 set 2 students

The cutouts we used for the “puppets” were something like this. Students traced the puppet shapes onto felt and paper scraps in order to make the clothing. They were told NOT to add a mouth. During the recording, each student had a handful of pre-cut mouths modeled after this Animation Chef secret recipe.

In order to keep students focused, I called all of the boys to switch a mouth. Then I took one picture.  Then all girls switched a mouth and I took another picture.  After each student had about 8 turns, I copied and pasted the loop several times so that it would run long enough to sing a short song. Meanwhile, students had a few minutes to add permanent mouths to their puppets before taking them home.  At the end of class, we recorded the song, and students went on their way.  The entire project took two 45 minute class periods.


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