Four Fun Ways to Engage Art Students with Augmented Reality

The following ideas are being presented at the NAEA Convention in Seattle with the Art Education Technology Interest Group. If you are going to the convention, please join us!

*NOTE(updated April 2021): HP Reveal has discontinued its free app.  The following information will still give you a taste of how it works, but you may want to try Halo AR instead.

Art Education Technology Pechakucha 2018
FLASH Learning.
Fast-paced sharing of technology ideas from 10-12 practicing presenters.
Saturday, 3/24/2018    4:00:00 PM – 4:50:00 PM
Center/Meeting Room 608/Level 6

Four Fun Ways to Engage Art Students with Augmented Reality

#1 Layer animations into student work with the HP Reveal app.

Press play to see how it works.

For more information check out How to Add Stop Motion Animation to Artwork With a Green Screen AND How to Add an Aura with HP Reveal.

#2  Create a clickable curriculum map.

With the app, you basically get one image and one overlay. This is usually plenty for K-8 student use. The desktop version of the app is called HP Reveal Studio. It is a little too complicated for my elementary students, by I love that it allows you to set multiple overlays within a single image. The following is still a work in progress, but as I build my library of flipped-classroom videos, I have been able to add them to a clickable curriculum map. This way, a single poster in my classroom holds a year’s worth of how-to videos that my students can access at any time. In order to see the videos embedded in the map, you need to “follow” Mrs. Pasquan on the HP Reveal app before scanning the image.

#3 Make critiques more entertaining with an AR question game.

Word of caution: the following image file is a bit too large for the app on my older iPhone (5c), but it works well with my classroom iPads.

#4 Make famous artworks talk with the help of Chatterpics and HP Reveal.

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